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Aujourd'hui, pour les 19 ans de Canard PC on streame sans s'arrêter de 12h à 22h. Avec du Stardew Valley, du FPS fait maison, du blabla et, bien sûr, la sémillante émission Canard PC à 20h.

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When shown the huge list of operating systems curl runs on, people often ask me which is the strangest, or hardest, operating system to keep curl support for. The answer is always, and will probably always remain: Windows.

No other operating system has so many custom, special, weird and quirky ways that require special-case solutions in the code.

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I must finish tutorials and some videos to make a basic . I'm discovering the first and I really want to code a simple game like that

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We originally set up on the main Mastodon instance, but decided to move to the GameDev instance for a better fit for our content.

We are Divine Knight Gaming. We make games using #HaxeFlixel and other #opensource tools. While it has been a while since we released a game, we plan on making more games in the coming year.

Our best game released is Manly Boy Collection, three Gameboy inspired games.

We also open sourced someone our old projects. github.com/DivineKnightGaming

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Savannah is looking for #hackers! Help is needed for project submission evaluations, working on and improving the Web UI, documentation, and more! Read how you can become a Savannah Hacker and become a part of this important part of #softwarefreedom at u.fsf.org/hkr

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The Mega68k is a bare metal fantasy console 

I should probably explain what the #Mega68k is. The short version is that it's what I call a bare metal fantasy console. What that means is that instead of running on a scripting language, the Mega68k runs on an actual emulated Motorola 68000 CPU, which was used in stuff like the Mega Drive and Amiga. It's basically a new 16-bit console

You can code for it using any language that makes ELF binaries that target the 68k CPU, though the intended method is using C using GCC

The system itself has a 240x135 pixel resolution, 4 megs of ROM, 256k of RAM, and a video processing unit with 2 tile layers and a framebuffer you can write to directly from the CPU. It also has an audio chip that has OPL3/Adlib music and 64k of RAM for sound effects. It only has a 64 color global palette but supports full per-color and layer alpha blending

Finally here's a video I made much earlier when I got OPL3 music support fully working

#GameDev #RetroComputing #RetroGaming #FantasyConsole

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ATTENTION EVERYONE WRINGING THEIR HANDS OVER “#MASTODON ADMINS CAN READ MY DIRECT MESSAGES”: #SysAdmins have *always* been able to read your #email and DMs unless encrypted, including at the big #SocialNetworks and Internet providers. We used to have t-shirts that said, “I READ YOUR EMAIL.”

It’s just hitting now because you got used to places where the admins were kept away in their cubicles and data centers instead of greeting you at the front door.

#privacy #security #InfoSec #cybersecurity

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Le Free Software Supporter est disponible en français. Pour voir la version française cliquez ici: fsf.org/free-software-supporte

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Mon 17ans mort de rire en rentrant du lycée hier soir.

"Hé papa, regarde ce qu'il y a dans le cours du prof".

Je regarde : il y a cette image ⬇️ (qui vient d'un article sur TCP/IP que j'ai écrit il y a au moins 17 ans) 😄

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The presentation is done ! Now, remember to use the fucking 1.1 version (with tag on git) instead of the head of dev for the demonstration 💀

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Some of my favourite #FOSS software:
- #LibreOffice
- #Syncthing - sync files between two or more devices over LAN
- #Tusky - Fediverse client for Android
- #Picocrypt - on-the-fly file encryption
- #Cryptomator - encrypt your files before uploading to the cloud
- #Nextcloud - self-hosted cloud server software
- #Joplin - Markdown-formatted notetaking synched (optionally encrypted) to a cloud server
- #KeePassXC and #KeeWeb - Password vault, entirely offline
- #LibreWolf & #UngoogledChromium

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#JeRecrute (pas moi)

Beta Gouv cherche une ou un ops senior pour Tchap, la Messagerie instantanée des agents publics

650€ / jour
Télétravail total possible
Mission 6 mois minimum


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A small #orgmode example which:
- measures a metric with #lisp (could be any language supported by Org Babel), and
- stores today's measurement in a table, then
- reminds you to repeat the next measurement by shifting the next deadline upon completion.

In this example I count the number of packages in my #Emacs config.


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